About me

I’m german, and probably my physical appearance has given it away already. When I was 11 years young, I moved to Tenerife, Spain, with my parents. I’m an orphan, as my father died when I was 16 years young, and my mum when I turned 18. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 27 years old or since 1998, which turns out being the same. Now you know my age 😉


I’m the father of an amazing and magnificent young lady born in the 2000’s.

Since I decided I wanted to work for myself, I’ve developed many different and diverse projects: the First Business Centre in Tenerife (Canary Islands), the first Digital Platform for selling and buying cars (1998), a house building and rehabilitations company, a publicity and digital printing agency, a Real State Agency, a Tasca-Restaurant, an animal shop, an app for digital nomads, a hair dresser shop, a free local newspaper… This many years of being an entrepreneur really do teach a lot…

I got bored of some projects, others I transferred, some others didn’t work, ¡but one bankrupted me! ¡I lost everything: my house, my car, my money… Everything! Damn it year 2002.

But, I began to work on another project, Factoría Creativa, the one that then transformed into CardClick.es, which has been my main project since 2006.

I stopped studying when I finished my last year of highschool and senior year on the German School of Tenerife. Everything I know, I’ve learnt myself. The majority of what I know, has been due to failing, not being successful and the already mentioned, full bankrupt…

But if there’s something that life and its experiences have taught me, is that you never lose, you learn. The aim is not to fail but to do better next time.

Now, I work on making LuxuriaCard.com grow in the 3 main languages (spanish, german and english) worldwide, and also working on maintaining CardClick.es specialized in Plastic Cards.

Aside from that, I’m also working on my first book, MY book which will not be about the main topic, SUCCESS, but about FAILURE, how to survive and how to get going after it.
I’m also developing a training course for people who are willing to be online entrepreneurs but have no idea on where to start, and are overwhelmed by the amount of information about profit miracles and siren signs, aka “smoke sellers”

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