Christian Korwan Consulting

Ideas. Planning. Success.

What do I do

I help entrepreneurs and companies to succeed with their ideas and turn them into profitable businesses.

I help them achieve their goals, their dreams, grow their businesses, create jobs, create wellness, create better services and products for their personal satisfaction and, of course, economic wealth.

Over 20 years of experience and dozens of projects with own and third party developments have given me real and practical experience to create profitable businesses.

Who we are

There are two concepts that I have been able to demystify over the course of my over 20 years of experience:

1.- Pursue and live your passion, and

2.- Believe that ideas are the main thing.
I’ve been through both too often. I have believed that turning my passion into a business was a good idea. And also, that this idea was the core part of every project.

I was wrong in both cases. It also made me able to help you to develop your idea or project as a profitable business.

Passion doesn’t always find customers willing to pay what you want or need to earn.

It is better to prioritize projects that have the potential to be profitable, dedicate yourself to be the best in your field, build experience and receive the esteem and praise of your customers. In this way, a passion for a job well done and success go hand in hand.

Ideas, without adequate validation, correct planning through a business plan and the development of a customized financial plan, are nothing more than short-term projects. All the rest lacking these ingredients does not fall into the category of profitable business with projection.

What I do with my team cannot be individually achieved. I have created our own Think Tank, where I have been able to bring together a group of exceptional people, with life and business experiences that together make us exponentially multiply our individual capabilities.