Christian Korwan Foundation

Financial Education for the Youth.

Creating legacy, creating impact, supporting causes superior to our own, taking advantage of our efforts, knowledge and experiences to the creation of a better world… These are the values that have inspired me to make my most personal project a reality:

The Foundation’s main task is to promote the essential financial education among the youngest, who are the ones who will create Tomorrow’s World.

Smarter young people, more familiar with the real world, are the basis of entrepreneurship, of economy, of society.

No government or state wants to devote more effort to explaining or showing how things really work because smart citizens, trained in the real areas of life, are not good voters.
Our mission is to provide financial education to 1 million young people over the next 2 years, through the creation of playful content, workshops, online applications on the web and mobiles, along with talks and activities (face-to-face and webinars), according to each age group, starting from 10 years old. This is all doneon a non-profit basis, without speculations nor manipulations.

Many of today’s problems would have not existed with a financial education since a young age; if we understood how money works, without being caught in the trap of manipulated advertising campaigns and recommendations from unscrupulous banks, self-interested advisors and politicians, creating a world with people who are smarter, more aware and freer about money and who can better protect and manage their own money.
When I was young, I lost my parents too soon; my father died when I was 16, and my mother when I was 18. Due to their illnesses, we spent a lot of time in hospitals since I was 12.

On those circumstances, and living in a country that was not my birthplace, I had no choice but to move forward.

My mum, before dying, set up safeguards so that I could not have free access to the inheritance they left me. She did this with the intention to protect me. Imagine, a young boy with some money, how could I have ended up?

So I had no choice other than to work hard.

I also started to undertake and develop projects on my own.
The first businesses gave me nothing but experience (error learning). Until I launched a very successful company.

A moment came when the company went bankrupt, and as I was not prepared for that, I was totally devastated. I was left with nothing. No company, no house, no car, no money, nothing. And on top of that, a two-year-old daughter.
Over the years I have learned that this bankruptcy was due to a lack of financial education and the so necessary forecasting and planning. My parents, as most of the parents did, did not educate me on this subject, probably due to lack of time, as I was very young and we also spent years and years in hospitals due to their illnesses.

Now, I decided that I had to do something to contribute with my grain of sand, as I have learned a lot from the success of my business and from the consulting services on businesses and investments through Nomad Capital (my consulting firm).

Especially, when I listen to people say that they have to do their best to learn about finances at an advanced age, as they have to make now an extra effort to protect their wealth; and they also hope they have been taught how money works (banks, debt manipulation, compound interest, credits, spiraling debts, etc.) at a young age. Besides I feel committed to convey my daughter all the information I have learned, to avoid the possibility that she, as a youngster, could be in my situation.

For that reason, I had the idea of creating this foundation of Financial Education for young people.

Our 3 key points:

1.- Recreational education, non-formal education
Avoiding that our children, grandchildren, young people of our families and friends (the future generations) make mistakes derived by the lack of knowledge about economy and financial management typical from our generation and the previous ones through a recreational education (non-formal education).

2.- Independence and self-reliance
Through our Foundation, young people will learn with complete independence and self-sufficiency, how to manage money, save and invest so that they are not left helpless in the future in order to be economically protected and grow their wealth safely if they wish.

3.- Ethics and Freedom
We are inspired by the fact that young people grow up and are formed within ethics and, above all, in total freedom, as in other areas of their lives there is a limited freedom.

Informative event – IMPACT AWARDS

Every year, the Foundation celebrates through the “IMPACT AWARDS” in a series of categories, the work done by businessmen and entrepreneurs who have created an important IMPACT in the international society. For 2018, those categories have been:
Best Marketing Contributor – Russell Brunson

Motivational Life Changer – Tony Robbins

Top Financial Expert – Warren Buffet

Best Coach & Mentor – Ariel Brailovsky

Top Community Builder – John Golat

Best Entrepreneur Podcast – Alex Charfen

Top Sales Expert – Grant Cardone

Top Social Media Expert – Gary Vaynerchuck

Disruptive Entrepreneur – Tim Ferriss

and the special award of
MVP – Most Valuable Player – Russell Brunson


If you want to cooperate with us, there are many channels:

Donations. If you feel identified with my history and my vision, you will surely want to help us to build a better and more prepared society in economic and financial matters, so that young people will be more efficient and happy in the future.

Trainers. If you train young people in economics and finance, we can help you to promote yourself through our Foundation.

Contributors. If you believe that Financial Education is something essential that young people need to learn, we give you resources and tools so that you can communicate this information in your region or wherever you want.

Networking. If you are familiar with other institutions, companies or teachers (in any country), help us to reach them so we can work together to make this world a more economically efficient and prepared place.

Partners. Do you have a company or activity related to young people, parents, family and financial issues? Write to us, we will surely be able to collaborate.