Nomad Capital

Investment. Taxes. Profits.

Learn how to increase your capital exponentially without using traditional channels, without risk, without losses and without increasing your tax bill.

I’ll show you how to multiply your capital in the next 12 months.

In Nomad Capital we work to make your money grow exponentially, without taking unnecessary risks, without losing liquidity in the medium term, while reducing your tax bill.
In addition, in Nomad Capital, we want to prevent you from:

● Having to watch out on a daily basis if your investments go up or down,

● Running unnecessary risks.

That is why our strategy mixes in ideal proportions a calculated risk to get higher returns, but, at the same time, protects the capital so, along with a proper tax planning, it never leaks. In this way, you will have more money in your pocket at the end.

After 20 years of entrepreneurial with more than 20 projects on my shoulders, a total default led us to the loss of my company, the family home, cars and money, and left us literally with nothing and nowhere to live.

Today, with my Business Idea Development Consulting on one side and various parallel businesses on the other, which are managed by my team, I help to increase and protect the wealth of friends and clients through Nomad Capital. At the same time, I devote myself to the teaching of financial education to young people, through my own Foundation.

In this way, the 3 pillars of the economic cycle are combined: preparation, production and multiplication.

Values – Transparency – Creativity – Closeness – Proactivity – Security

Team – Not only traders but also tax consultants, legal advisors and cyber and cryptographic security advisors are part of our team, to provide the highest peace of mind and transparency.

Methodology – Everyday, we analyze all the markets looking for new opportunities, not only in cryptocurrencies and traditional exchange, but also in the real estate area and the startups world where new projects are constantly being rolled out.

Among all the available investment options (at short term, medium term and long term, cryptocurrencies and companies) we have achieved a high performance and controlled risk diversification.

We promise you these 3 key points / secrets for your financial future:

– It is difficult and complicated to make a profit on investments –

You will earn more than with traditional channels and you will save on your tax bill, we’ll do it for you, we will show you the way.

– it is dangerous, I can be stolen, I can lose –

We will help you to protect your wealth and provide you security solutions, you won’t be on your own.

– It is a dark world just for connoisseurs –

You will have maximum transparency and updated information (Facebook group).

Services you can find in Nomad Capital:

Customized investment and speculation advice – Controlled risks.
Tax and legal consulting – Never again will you feel unprotected and without proper planning.
Asset protection and optimization of legacy – your family should never be affected.

What values do Nomad Capital add to your wealth?

Exponential capital growth without unnecessary risks.
Security, Peace of mind, Transparency, Interaction.
New horizons for your future, your retirement, your family.

We are helpful for

Individuals and Families – do not leave in the hands of banks, insurance companies and governments the future, security and tranquility of your family. Create your own forecast.
Entrepreneurs – starting a business without knowledge about financial managing is extremely dangerous, since tax surprises will come when you least expect it.
Owners of small businesses (self-employed) – retirement security is (nearly) non-existent today in most countries where States do not look beyond their own pockets and they take advantage of whoever they can.
SMEs – temporary cash surpluses can be leveraged if you know how to do it.
Investors – there is nothing better than a broad diversification. But above all we give investors from other markets the possibility to find new options in us.

Our 3 key points for success

Ideal customers – we like to work with dedicated and committed customers who want to grow their investments; we are not a traditional institution, and we do not want to be one.
Ideal team – all of us who make up Nomad Capital are highly motivated and committed, we feel like ours every investment made, we make the established goals our own goals.
Ideal methodology – we have developed processes and inner methodologies after years of experiences to achieve success in every investment we make.

Methodology for success

1. Value / potential growth
In this style we focus on the evaluation of the project waiting for potential profits in the unique value and business model. You invest on undervalued projects or with significant growth expectations on its price and project.


These are projects of great potential with underestimated prices in the market.
The purchase price is significant.
The investment is for the long-term.
The capital accumulation can take several months.

2.- Speculation
When market volatility is very high, and BTC is in uptrend you can speculate with the other cryptocurrencies looking for a higher income in USD than BTCs, since ALTs find support on BTC. The purchase price is significant.


It is usually on short term.
High volatility.
Normally they allow interesting incomes.

Nomad Capital investment methodology is divided in two parts

1.- Passive investment

We invest for the long-term in projects previously explored and evaluated. We research in the following way:
● Thorough reading of the White paper
● Team research
● Stage of development
● Competition
● Sector valuation
● Potential growth
● Financial report
● Technology behind the project
● Community
● Marketing

In the passive investment, Nomad Capital seeks to:
● Have unique information

● Participate in private sales

● Have a stake in exchanges in which we have previously invested

● Profit share of long-term investments

● Engage with the team to have firsthand data and connections

2.- Active investment

Active investment is when Nomad Capital financial team quickly finds an opportunity in the market, making decisions based on the market study and technical analysis of currencies to maximize resources when the trend of the market allows it.

The volume and vision of the market capitalization plus the investment horizon is the necessary component to have this kind of active investment in a market that is still in the stage of maturation.